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The world of work is changing rapidly.It’s fluid, exciting, and sometimes a little confusing - especially if you're carving your own path.lowercase is a monthly gathering for people with multiple skillsets and non-linear career paths.We exist to serve the hybrids, misfits and outliers who are building new types of portfolios, seek to instigate change, and don’t fit traditional job descriptions.Going beyond keynote speakers put on pedestals and panelists pressured into platitudes, lowercase sets out to spark new ideas, share challenges, and forge collaborations.We do this by combining the best bits of three tried and trusted formats; [salons](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salon_(gathering@blank), workshops, and just spending time with good people in a relaxed and collaborative environment.To serve as many people as we can, lowercase takes place both in-person in New York City, and online.Curious?

Some of the topics we delve into include:
- Finding great collaborators
- Staying productive when juggling multiple projects
- Positioning
- Connecting with talent acquisition teams
- Saying no
- Changing lanes
- The future of independent consulting
- Making better decisions
- Demystifying coaching

You'll probably be a good fit for lowercase if you:
- Possess lowercase skills
- Build your own projects
- Believe in the power of small groups
- Are more Fox than Hedgehog
- Have been a Linchpin
- Love to utilize both logic and creativity
- Have something to add to this list

lowercase is made by H Bureau in NYCquestions or ideas? contact us >

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